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Our Story

Here at Bettor Vision, we are huge fans of sports betting and fantasy sports. Can't get enough of it. Unfortunately for us and the millions of fans who participate in both activities, it means that we have a bunch of apps on our phone to support our wonderfully ridiculous habit, which stinks! Our co-founders Brett and Geoff were tired of wasting valuable time, so they decided to do something about it.

We are also big believers in the value of price shopping. Betting on sports is really, really hard! There's a reason why there is a beautiful city in the middle of the desert - the house always wins. Price shopping is the smartest thing that bettors can do to gain an advantage on the house. But with the many sports betting apps now on your phone, it takes time and energy to find the best value. With Bettor Vision, we take care of that for you.

And at its best, fantasy sports and sports betting are a great social activity! Brett and Geoff used to text all the time about what bets to make and who to start in fantasy. Now all those interactions are done using Bettor Vision. We've captured that experience in our Community section, making it easier to connect with friends and other fans who share the same passions.

Our Mission

Bettor Vision is dedicated to serving all types of fantasy players and sports bettors. Our goals are very simple:

        - Save our users valuable time by aggregating all their fantasy sports and sportsbook accounts into one location.
        - Identify the best value for our users by comparing different sportsbook odds to find the best available odds.
        - Connect our users with friends & family to make sports betting and fantasy sports as fun and social as possible.

We're not here for clicks and hot takes. We are here to save our users time and money to improve their sports gaming experience.

See What Bettor Vision Users are Saying

Don't just take it from us - see what some of our users are saying about why Bettor Vision is great:
"Have been waiting for something like this for a while. All my info in one spot, intuitive interface, easy to operate - absolutely love it!"
"Where has this been all my (betting) life? Seriously love having all platforms in one easy to read and access place. Streamlines everything. Saves you money!"
"This is the one betting app to rule all others. Ingenious!"
"Obviously all of my bets and fantasy matchups are wins, love that I can see them all in one place. Real talk, easy to see what's happening in real time and syncs with my accounts easily. Love it."

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